Facebook is not complying with GDPR!

Joaquim M.
3 min readOct 24, 2021
Reload Page to stop you from Deleting your data!

I usually clean out my account of old posts and I feel like they have sort of run out of their use, so to speak. But as I was trying to delete my posts I found out the hard way that Facebook targets certain personality traits. Namely neuroticism or emotional instability. They target that trait to instill pain in your brain and body since that is the pain circuit.

Why would target your pain circuit in your brain?

They do that to prime you to stop.

  • Like Maslow did with his dogs.
  • Like they would raise kids back in the day when they spanked the child when they did something bad.
  • When you incarcerate someone for doing something criminal.

They simply want to induce pain in your brain and body so that you stop deleting what they make money of. Namely your private data!

So HOW does Facebook do it?

  • Make those pages load slowly, as in seconds rather than milliseconds as to make it a tedious task to perform.
  • When rendering more and more posts on the same page. They put in a delay in loading more posts.
  • When you have loaded to many to bulk delete they show you the first screen up top in this blog. Forcing you to redo or quit your task.

By not telling you the limit to the number of post they can delete at one time. They leave you puzzled so that you can’t learn the interface rule base. The cognitive load is increased which is one of the many UX guidelines as to how make a user stop using your product.

When the user which is Conscientious continues with deleting they simply stop you from continuing by producing the top screenshot.

To test how they do it on the iPhone I went into the iPhone to see if they had a dark pattern implemented for the entire profile which they of course have since they are smart malevolent people with the anti social behaviour of Lying and Decieving. Also defined in the field of Criminology and Psychology as such. The very worst criminals have four anti social behaviours.

Screenshots of the cellphone screens



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